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Big Storm With Hail Today


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hey guys n girls, went out for an arvo trawl today hoping to load up on stripeys, trawled to the 12mile and back to find the weather got a bit nasty and decided to hail on us, only got 4 stripeys and a bonito, so went back to the bay to find the tailor were busting up everywhere flicked for about an hour with about 30 on board we went and got some squid for dinner and headed home,

hope u like the pics

cheers andy







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So we werent the only ones playing silly buggers out there when the front hit :thumbup:

There were a few of us out at Longy last night, even 2 of us in Contenders and yeah it was pissing down but never dangerous. We were even drifting over the top of the Wall but it wasn't breaking. At one stage we were flying around to another spot at 30kns as the sea conditions didn't really change, just a little chop and you couldnt see more than 200m infront!

We just put the rods down on the deck and stood under the T top in full wet weather gear. Put the boat away at the end of the day and strip off the wet weathers and I was bone dry except for feet as I was wearing crocs.

There are a stack of bonnies up along the Northern beaches, we saw pods busting up all over the place on every trip in the last week.


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Hey Mad mullet,

Is that why you called yourself mad?

Glad to see you made it back OK.

It certainly looks scary, and you were probably thinking

"..what next?....hail?...D'OH !"

You could have filmed it and called it "Deadliest catch - the Thunder Downunder"

Nice haul of Tailor - smoked a la PeterS style....

Well done

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