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Flathead Troubles


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My mate and i found a cracker of a flatty spot just down the local creek mouth to the river, we were getting tonnes of Flatty there most afternoons but not really keeping any maybe 1 or 2 a visit.

The fish we were pulling in were all 45 to 55cm, until one arvo my mate pulled out a 68cm cracker!

I wanted to let her swim being a breeder but my mate being relatively new to fishing wouldn't have a bar of it and took her home for a nice feast.

My question is a know that a large group of smaller males will hang around a female in whatever certain area, but if we took the breeding female out of a certain area does this mean the smaller male specimens are just going to up and leave in search of another female because we really haven't seen any since!!!?


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Mate I wouldnt be to worried about your mates decision as the fish come and go all the time and they will be back when conditions suit and there are bait fish around.

Cheers Stewy

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