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Garmin Fish Finders

Catcher cold

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Hello raiders,

After some info please if anyone has one of the following sounders.

I'm looking at the Garmin range at the moment. Really liked the features of the 300 C but find the screen is too small. I then looked at the 160C, bigger screen but less resolution. Next one was the 400C, better screen and resolution but is it overkill in a 4.2m tinny that stays in the river?

If anyone has one of these, love to hear your thoughts on them and if you would change your mind with hindsight (ie screen sixe of 300C).

Any advice is appreciated.

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mate i got the garmin 420s

its a chartplotter/fish finder

when i have it just on fish finder i think its quite similar to the 400c

a youtube video clip i made for another raider a while back showing off some of its features

i think there a great little unit hasn't let me down yet

im sure the 400c would do the same for u

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Thanks for that. I think the 400C is what I'll go for. The 160C is all I actually need but the resolution is a bit average for the price and the 300C, I find the screen too small so it looks like the 400C will be the one. I think it will be more than I need for my boat but I want a colour screen and I'd like to be able to see it. There are some bloody good grey scales out there for around $450 but I much prefer the colour screen. I just find it easier to see during the day.

If anyone else has opinions on the above units or you have a good colour unit that you can recomend, feel free to type away.

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