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Fishing At Avoca Beach


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Hey guys

I'm travelling up to Avoca beach for the last week of the school holidays. If the weathers not to windy i will definantely fishing off the beach for some bream, flattys, whiting and drummer! I will be trying to use fresh bait but probably will be using my new plastics-Nuculear Chicken and Blood worm both from GULP :1fishing1: I never used to be a fan of plastics but now I love them! :thumbup: They work on most of my favourite fishies but most of all I love them because you dont have to rebait them every 10 seconds! :biggrin2: If you have any tips for me they'll be great but if got a good idea anyway.

Keep fishing :1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1:


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