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Cracked The Magic Metre!


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After a disastrous weather week away I formulated a plan to hit the same spot as last week to target some flatties on the last of the run out. Topped up my lure collection after losing my favourite to a big tailor and launched before 7am in the Georges. Fished plastics on the drift for an hour before changing to hard bodies and trolled the spot where I picked up some nice flatties a week ago. Found a nice hole and bang nice 58cm flatty.

Just as the tide slowed right down, one rod goes off with the drag screaming. I quickly set the hooks and hold the rod between my legs while I get the other one in. Settling into a nice fight, the fish took off on a series of 10-20m bursts with me trying to ID what it was. The beast towed me back to the hole where it was hooked and there began a tug'o'war with it holding the bottom in about 8 feet of water. Knowing I was fishing 6lb gel spun and a 10lb leader, I was in no hurry to get colour. After a few more short bursts with drag screaming, it settles in under the yak for a while longer. At this stage I've been on for what seemed like 15 minutes or so. A couple of big head shakes and I'm thinking....metre plus flatty or a nice Jew (please not a ray!!!) With the rod doubled over under the yak I heave up a bit more line and get some colour. A pale flash under the yak and at first thought it was a mega croc death-rolling. Next heave up and I see the golden flanks of a huge jewfish. I check the pulse...rising rapidly. The next 5 minutes I spent holding the fish a metre or two below the yak....still the occasional burst for freedom. I get it up to the surface and see the lure in the corner of the mouth and the beast eyeing off the kayak. Now my prescription sunnies magnify things so I thought there was no way I was going to land this fish, so much so that I took a couple of shots of it below the yak which my wife later deleted because they weren't clear! It settles down and comes up to the surface a few times.....I look around for a boat with a gaff! I look at my new landing net...a silicon one at 55cm x 45cm....hmmmmm do I try...stupidly yes. The fish's head swims in...leaving 4/5 of its body out….. Plan B grab it under the gills like I've seen them do on Jew DVDs. Just then it looks pretty spent so I swim over to the side of the yak and reach into its cavernous gob with the lip grips (Plan C). On the 3rd attempt I come up solid and slide the beast across my lap....it doesn't move much.


Nevertheless, I put it in a headlock and let out the biggest 'Whoohoo! that echoed around the river.


I take a shot of it lying on my lap then ring my wife.....my son answers and I tell him I've caught a jewey bigger than him.


The wife comes down to take some pics and celebrate the capture.


I peddle half a km back to the launch spot hunched over the fish in case it attempts an escape.

What a memorable capture, I have only caught one Jew before on my yak and it was 48cm and 1kg. This beast went 111cm and I weighed it at Mac's Bait at 12kg.


All caught on a donated Daiwa Heartland 2-4kg flick stick, 6lb gel spun and a 10lb flouro leader. The lure was bought yesterday - a Mann's stretch 5+. On the water at 7am...off at 9am. Well now it’s in the bath with 2 bags of ice and I need to get the feast prepared.


I always thought a nice Jew would come along one day while I hunted flatties and I won't forget this day for a long while.

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That was a fantastic read, Rob ... and a superb fish mate! :1yikes::1yikes: What a handful to try to manage in the yak! Congrats on a fine achievement. I wouldn't complain about a bi-catch like THAT every now and then :biggrin2: Nice flatty as well :thumbup:



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Yeehaa!!! Well done Rob!! That is an awesome catch from the yak! Congratulations on your new PB! :) :)

I hope you all like fish cutlets, cos I reckon that'll feed you for weeks!! Nice flattie too!

Terrific pics of the family with the fish, too! Did you get a weight on it? My Juro lip grippers include a weight scale with them (similar to the Boga Grip ones, only cheaper!)

Keep that smile on the dial - reckon it'll stay there for weeks, too!



Yeah! Great By-catch!!

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Thanks for all your well wishes colleagues!!!!

I am still smiling and ended up paying a local fishmonger to prepare the cutlets for me.post-4017-1255255056_thumb.jpgHe also band sawed the head lengthwise for me so I googled how to finfd the jewels and found them. Might have to make a pair of earings for Sandra! Also included the shot of the lure and a memento scale (which are now all over the car and kitchen).

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JEBUS, thats a wopper..... Thanks for the detailed write up.... MONSTER of a fish, congrats....

EVERYONE seems to be murdering the Georges River Jew's....

Still a virgin, BUT will be trying my luck, for the first time this coming Thursday morning....

ALSO it will be my first time on the Georges, drifting and hopefully flicking plastics with success....

ANY hints where to flick these smelly plastics or hard bodied lures :) locatin vise....

Stewy (swordfisherman) interested in joining the virgins ;)

Ive been reading heaps of reports (few ideas of where to go) BUT my friend and i are unfamiliar with the Georges River....

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Great report Rob and the pics are gold. You did well getting that back to the launch spot. It looks like Sandra's got a bigger smile on her face than yours, I guess it was because you were exhausted from screaming Wahhooooo all the way back. Bet your son was proud and told all his mates at school.

Nice Hobie setup too. Might see you out there one day.


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Wow Rob thats a magnificent fish on any tackle and from a yak its even more impressive,I cant believe I didnt comment on your outstanding success already,my apologies.

Keep up the fabulous reports too mate as a lot of people will be trying their luck at those big jews and great flatties you have been catching of late :thumbup:

Regards Stewy

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