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More Bit Added To Jewgaffers Boat


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Thanks very much to my good friend Geoff, the modification work carried out on my boat is very professional indeed and everything has turned out exactly how I wanted it to be.... I must say Geoff's design ideas and his workmanship are nothing short of excellent... :thumbup: ...and his patience with my talking about fishing day in and day out has been nothing short of a miracle lol

Here are some close ups of the new back flow waterfall system and I'm also really impressed with the ideas Geoff puts in to anything to do with bettering electrics, mechanicals and mounting...

post-829-1255257102_thumb.jpg On the flick of a switch waterfalls will start flowing out of both sides of the back of my boat - The pump out system will pump out water and burley thru the waterfalls which have been systematically set up as a fish attracting system i.e. The stern flowing waterfalls will be used to muster and round up fish into the one area and hold them there ..... As the water flow initially builds up, water, burley slurry and fine mix will gush out over the starboard side of the stern and, as the relevent two way is adjusted, the waterfall overflow will continue to run in unison as required, with the powerfull waterfull pump out on the port side of the boat and the main burley ingredients will ooze out gradually into the water via a burley bucket which will be topped up as required......

post-829-1255256514_thumb.jpg The 12volt airated live bait tank on the floor alongside the main live bait tank

post-829-1255260961_thumb.jpg Cutting a key way into the marine ply designed and lacquered by Geoff to push my second live bait tank further under the stern gunnel if need be was a terrific idea, and also using thumbs screws makes for quick and easy removal when cleaning the bait tank etc and for when using it as a portable while fishing landbased

post-829-1255256352_thumb.jpg The new switch arrangement and grab rail plus the new cigarette lighter and fitting

Led work lights fitted to each side

See you in the morning Geoff, we'll give it a run... :1yikes::biggrin2::thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:



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hey Byron looks great with the mods done, but u will have stop all these add ons soon or else there will be no room for u to go fishing in it [lol]

cheers mate


The modifications and the add ons do look good, thanks John, I couldn't be happier with the new functions of both my live bait tanks and especially the installation work where burley can be the pumped out thru the waterfall which Geoff managed to install in a position where pumps for the inlet hoses and also back flows can be worked in unison thru shut off junctions and can be adjusted by taps and reducers ...... Geoff made modifications to the limited hardware that was available and, this type of appropriate modification work resulted in other add ons being able to be installed to be close at hand and also made everyday items more at hand and easier to use whilst fishing .....

It looks like the only thing left to do now is to install units to wind on the anchor ropes to, a few small storage bins especially for the gunnel pockets and have a second bait station installed in the bow area which Geoff describes as having a small bucket underneath for storing bait that can be cup fitted into a hole cut into the centre of the bow bait board itself .....

The new waterfall pump out system is simply the most perfectly improved version of an old fish mustering system that you'd ever want to see and not only that, all the other handy little things Geoff installed around the deck and the hybrid fittings he made, has saved lots of dollars in labour alone ....

Everything has been planned so as not to interfere with any of the good work space and deck room that was already the case in the Savage, and Geoff has also come up with some brilliant ideas, even improving on new hardware so that everything that goes in an out can be secured in it's place....You'll have to come aboard one day John, and if you ever have a chance to take a look at Geoff's own boat, the Webster Tri Hull, you'll see that Geoff has done everything possible to make his fishing so much more enjoyable and prevent clutter on what one could only describe as being a first class fishing boat.....

Geoff excells in not only improving on what's already there but in modfying new equipment from a space saving point of view, and does those extra little things needed to make everything so much easier, things that most people overlook, don't think of or never get around to doing..........


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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