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With the :wife: sticking the Paint brush in the hand early on Saturday morning, the only hope of getting out was to enlist the help of the Jnr Poddy's to get the job done and maybe sneak out for a Sunday arvo....

With the promise a plastic session the little bloke got stuck in (albeit there was a hell of a lot of touching up by mum and dad when they were out of site)

Sunday arvo rolled around and by 1.15pm we hit the water on a rising tide and headed for our little honey hole near Towra.

The boys are used to plastic only sessions now but often only last 20 minutes before they reach for the chips and food. But on our first drift Jnr Jnr Poddy (5) came up tight on his first fish on plastic, a nice 40 cm flathead on a 3' minow in lime tiger

High fives all round and he was stocked....he flicks back out and 'whack' pins a 43cm flathead and the quickest PB upgrade in history....

Jnr Poddy (9) is looking on in amazement and says 'dad can I change over to use the same lure'. I tell him to stick with his 2' shrimp in Molting and ZZZZZZ he gets whacked by a great flathead that charges at the motor...after some dancing around boat, some great lift and wind skills and making sure he kept its head in the water, a well conditioned 54cm unit slides into the net. He's stoked with his new pb on platstic...


3 fish in 3 casts...meanwhile, Dad has yet to boat a fish but couldn't give a rats.

After another couple of drifts and a few smaller models flats for the boys, Jnr Poddy is on again with a 30 cm breambo that went really hard in the shallows...another pb on SP for him.


I finally managed a 45 cm unit toward the tail end of the 2 hr session....

All in all, a great session that saw PB's smashed for both the young blokes and who can't wait to get back out there very soon.

After a couple if pics, released the Breambo and my Flat and and just took three for the table...(now getting them to eat the fish they caught...that is a differnent story)

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A top session there! Great to see the kids getting into it. My 5YO son is my net man but his attention span on casting is yet to be developed. He sits behind me on my kayak and I'm worried about acquiring unexpected piercings :1prop:

Cheers, Rob

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