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Heading To Broome For A Fish Whats The Best Time To Go And Where Cn U Help ?


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depends on many things. if u had yr own boat (bit of a trip to trail it all that way) then i'd try cape leveque where its awesome. the exmouth/murion islands area is also great. if u dont hv yr own boat, there are plenty of charters to go on. i did a trip last year exmouth/murion islands area with a local charter guy who has a 28 foot plate boat. we got heaps of spaniards, rankin cod, red emperor etc etc - all people on board (4 plus skipper and his deckie) bagged out. just fantastic and only about $140 for the day.

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thanks mate i will look in to that spot yes it will be a long trip i will be draging my boat i will be over there for a month or too i might even give that charter a call sounds like u had some really good fishing over there i was thinking of heading over late july to early september . cheers

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