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Advice On A New Setup - Reels


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G'day fellas,

On a recent trip up the coast my mrs decided it was time for me to get a new rod when she accidently closed the car door on my 2-4 kilo ugly stick and snapped it. :mad3:

However, after saying "i'm so sorry baby i'll buy you two new ones" :1happybday: all was forgotten and I became a happy man.

I have a couple of setups,

2x 4-8 kilo ugly sticks both fitted with Shimano Baitrunners 3k. I use these rods mainly for when I bottom bash outside the heads

1 Rackraider with a 2500 stratic I use for flicking, primarily for bream and flat head

2x 2-4 kilo ugly sticks with only 1 Shimano Symetre 2500

My fiance' also has a rod which I must fit one of the baitrunners too everytime she wants to use it, then I get to hear how heavy it is for her to use....

So basically I'm after two new reels and I was just after peoples opinions.

I'm thinking of putting the stradic on one of my new rods and buying another to fit on the other new rod. Giving the symetre to the mrs and buying a Saro's 1000 for the rack raider.

Most of the time I go fishing, I bait fish with 20 pound braid on the symetre and 2-4 kilo stick and I've caught the odd king and alot of rats on it, just from pillies, a few sharks and in general alot of heavy fish that you find in the bays, aswell as breams, trevs, flaties etc. It's great fun catching that stuff on light gear thats why im sticking with the trend.

The reason im incline to take the stratic off the rack raider is because it's a $220 I don't use it that often, I only chase estuary fish with it and im just afraid that what I'm catching on the symetre is going to shorten its life and the stradic has the better drag. So it boils down to:

2x 2-4 kilo sticks with 1 New 2500 stradic, one New condition - 20 pound braid

1x rack raider with NEW saros 1000

symetre goes on the mrs' rod


2x 2-4 kilo sticks with NEW 2500 symetres - 20 pound braid

1x rack raider with the $220 2500 stradic I don't use it that often

Mrs gets the old symetre

A new Stradic and Saros or 2 New symetres.

Thanks Guys.

Edited by Mikey!
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