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Trolled Lure For Kings

Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders

Trolling lures for Kingfish has got me interested

I am in the stages of completing a DIY downrigger and relise that the gun method for extracting Kings is trolling live baits such as squid on a downrigger past structure.

Now what about trolling a lure past structure that imitates a live bait.

I was thinking a R2S live squid or swimbait such as my SPRO 4” Shad.

I will be fishing mainly Hawkesbury/ Pittwater and I am heading to Jervis bay in a couple of weeks as well.

Your thoughts guys



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ive got one of those R2S live squids at home and i dont think there are made to be trolled

from memory its got a big lead weight in it and i think they are just made for jigging up and down

not trolled

ive still yet to try mine out might take it out this weekend

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Divers like the smaller X-raps and sluggos on the top. When trolling sluggos, if you hook up on one of the other lines leave the sluggo out even with the boat stopped and it will often get grabbed by one of the other fish in the school. It will just waft down into the school if its unweighted or just weighted lightly. Make sure they are rigged dead straight or they will spin and twist your line. Sluggos generally like speeds from 0 to 5 knots.

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