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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Kings!


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hi all

Headed out for the first time this season to chase some kings in the harbour with my uncle his first

time :1prop: i had talked it up !! and what do you know... kings!

spent last night squiding managed 14 it was a bit slow

had a power nap then started DR all the usual spots then on spot 5

the rigger goes off


a nice 73

second pass 62 goes back then third pass another 73

by now im itching for a go so i set up the 2nd DR and now im ready

3 passes and nothing :mad3:

one more pass my rod gets hammered and im into it feels good


nice fat 85 :thumbup::thumbup:

After that it goes quiet so we grab a mooring and cook breaky

drop 2 livies down and commented how you always get hit when

you're trying to cook or eat and yes both rods go off!

mine comes up easy, is under sized and thrown back

the uncle struggling by now and i see that his is a good fish

he starts to get some line back and pop the rod snaps in half :1yikes:

what the?! so i yell for him to wind and... just wind!!

i see colour, grab the gaff and have a shot and miss :1yikes: it circles around

and this time no missing gaffs in and its in the boat :thumbup:


94cm and smiles around, my uncle was still shaking 10min later hahaha

after that we headed home to clean the catch




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Hmm.. not sure y the smiles - I saw the pic and said "hes got my rod" - and then saw - he's got a broken version of my rod...

Mate - thats a $250 kingy you got there.... I hope it was worth it :-)

Jeez - I hope they swap it for a new rod....

Anyhow great fish - nice to know the kingies are back!!

Time to go fishing!!


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