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Hey Guys

Over the last couple of months been readying myself for summer in terms of bream spinning. So got a new combo and just from playing round with it, seem like a cracker!!!!

Shimano Stradic 1000

Shimano Raider Mexican Fire Bream Finesse Spin 1-4 kg

Berkley Fireline 2lb on 1 spool and 4lb fireline on the other.

Feels Great perfect and well balanced.... can't wait to hit the water with it.



P.S if anyone's interested got a saltist 50 loaded with 80lb fins braid that looking to sell.

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Sounds like a real sweet bream/bass rod, Steve! Get out there & give the top water stuff a go! SHould be on fire soon!



Let me know if/when you are up this way again - we MUST get out in the yaks! Have some prime spots lined up! :D

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