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Nice Day Out


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Headed out on the river today for some R & R. With so many boats on the river I opted for the channel that is opposite Deepwater park, Williams creek. Ive never been up there before so i was adventure bound.

Tried blades, minnows, sx's and the rest for a lot of throw back breams.

Still good fun. At least im getting better at the technique.

At the end of the day my biggest and cheapest lure did the trick.

Managed a very nice bream which bolted like the clappers and sent be under a submerged tree. I waited and eventually he came out. got him in and took a couple of photos and off he went. I reserved him for another day.

Next cast and bang im on again. This time im been taken for a ride.

This is the part about the one that got away.

Finally i see him. The GOD of lizards for me anyway. Been conservative he was at least 800mm.

No gaff no grips. What now!!!!

Fought a little more and kept my tip down so he wouldnt start dancing. Got him along side me then one last run and PING!!!!

Bugger. All i wanted was a photo mrs fish.

There is always next time.

What a nice relaxing day out there especially after all this wind we have had.

Plus I found another getaway hiding spot.

Lifes good




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Nice work Bill...were you on the yak at the time? That lure in the bream's gob looks as big as the bream! Bad luck on the big flatty but I guarantee that if you persevere in that area where you fished, you will get one that big....jusy might need to upgrade your leader a little!

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