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Lake Mulwala


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31 Mar - Arrived Mulwala and had boat in the water for an evening :1fishing1: - Score 1 small cod.

1 Apr - Spend most of the day drifting in the sticks - score one lost lure & 2 small cod.

2 Apr - Drifting in the sticks - repeat of yesterday - one lost lure and 2 small cod.

3 Apr - 'Orrible day - wind, rain, dust - one lost lure, 2 small cod and snagged and recovered a fishing rod and reel. Rod is an Ugly Stick and will come up OK, the reel is an Ambassadeur 6000, but it is a bit corroded from submersion. Will try and repair.

Other anglers caught a few redfin and yellas, but I seemed to be the only one catchin g cod, all around the 50 cm mark. Still lots of fun in the sticks. Saw a couple of cod rising like trout to big locusts on the water and had a couple boof the lure at boatside, drenching me with water and leaving me shaking.

Attached are a couple of photos - one of a cod and one of the sticks.


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Guest Jocool

Good going on the Ugly Stick Pop! :1clap: Great Cod too! :thumbup:

GEEZ...All these reports of Cod, Bass, and various other Freshies makes me want to give it a shot. But I have no idea where to start! :wacko:

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