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Woronora River Yesterday


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My old fishing club had an outing (the "Woronora Shootout") on the Woronora River yesterday and I tagged along. It was good to catch up with the members, some of whom I haven't seen for 15 years!

Arrived at the ramp at about 6:30am and fished until about 12:45pm.

I didn't buy any bait and decided to try and persevere with soft plastics, although I did take along some old bait that I had refrozen for berley, just in case. I basically couldn't get a touch on any of the baits, so in the end, it all went over the side. I fished Gulp minnows in 3" and 4" sizes. New to braided lines, I was impressed with the sensitivity of the Fireline and could feel every little touch from what appeared to be small fish. I did get two good hits in a deep hole above the bridges but dropped both of them.

I couldn't manage to turn a scale but I had a stud whiting follow a 4" Gulp to the boat hitting at the tail along the way. The water was fairly dirty and the weed made it difficult to fish lures but at least with the braid I could more eaily tell when the lure had fouled. I couldn't catch any poddies and I only managed to pump a few very small pink nippers.

I was not the only one unsuccessful. Overall, there were very few fish caught... no bream and the winning flathead was 54cm (I think).

Still, it was good to be on the water and back into fishing again after so many years tied up with other things. 2nd trip in the new (old) boat and I was pleased to see the 25hp Yamaha firing up first time every time. I will christen the boat with a good fish soon - I am determined! Hopefully up at Wisemans this week :)


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