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Round Style Baitcaster


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Thanks mate, its gonna be a bit of an all rounder, it will be used for bait and larger plastics on fish like Beam Snapper and small to medium Kings..

Im really lovin' little over heads at this stage in my life, its giving me more satisfaction watching the drag peel off in silence :)


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Great to see another baitcaster fan on the forum. :thumbup:

The Luna and Pluton reels are awesome. The Luna 300 comes with a ratchet which can come in handy for live baiting and light trolling. Both reels are too large for breaming but perfect for kings, jews, reds etc



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I have the Ryoga which is the Jap version with the extra bearings. Spooled it with 30lb Silicon braid and matched it with a Saltiga Bayjigging rod.


ONly have pulled it out once so far as the snappers have been on the chew ever since I got the rod.....

Landed a 105cm king in 32m on a pirate style jig. ROd feels super light and looked like a noodle compared to the king but got it up no problems. All jig rods are like that tho!


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I have Calcutta's too, I think they're pretty good though I haven't really tested them too much yet. I few tailor in the harbour last year is about it.

i use the calcuttas. top reels

Mate what do you spool yours with? I had fins braid on mine & they were God aweful! Birdsnests everywhere. The action & drag etc was great but trying to cast with that fins was my worst nightmare!! Any suggestions?

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