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Was going to take the little Poddy's out on Sunday arvo.

Dropped the boat in the water at Holts Pt Place, Sylvania, pushed it round on the sand, went to get up on the ramp, had a thong blow out and landed in a heap on the ramp, jumped up checked the hands, couple of minor cuts then noticed the trail of blood from my big toe...calmly I told the boys to jump back in the car, as some nice dude at the ramp holding his boat helped me re-load my boat....blood by now is streaming out....found an old tissue packet and shoved it over my foot to avoid a blood bath in the car.

Drove home and my mate who's surgon came around and inspected the injury....he wisked me off to his surgury and 7 stitches later i was hobling around again cut every baring the tenden apparently.....and very fortunatly missed sitting in an emergency waiting room for hours on end.....

The car still looked like something out of CSI, no i dea where the blood spatter came from on the doors....

Now am working from home for the next week whilst it heals a bit...

My question is, do you think it would be effective if councils Gerni'd the slime at low tide every 3 months or so and maybe gerni'd off the oysters too....I'm not the sueing type plus I can work from home on my laptop but if i was a tradie, I'd be screwed.......

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Ouch is right! I have to agree with Harold... thongs are not wise on boat ramps. I launched at Holts Point two weeks ago and kicked the thongs off... I didn't find teh reamp slippery but I did manage to cut my feet to shreds on oysters while walking the boat out! Still, I blooded the new boat... :074: and the Kombi. :wacko:

Last week, I bought a pair of neoprene booty things for $20 and they made life a whol lot simpler when launching at Bonnet Bay on Sunday. A worthwhiel investment.

Hope you recover soon.


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