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Walking Worms

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Guest Boppa

I''m with you mario and fishn!

The only one''s I''ve ever seen have been on mountain bikes :rollaround: :rollaround:

Boppa :thud:

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I think the thing that makes them unique is that they move by themselves, so jigging style may not play such a big part in hookin up the fish :-rod being such a newbie at fishing and having only cast SP''s,HB''s and wobblers about 1000 times, for 5 hits and 4 landed, and the 1st was a tailor on my first cast :thumbsup: so taking out any mystery sounds like a bonus to me :happy:

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If you have a look around the net, you''ll find that most people who bought them are less than impressed. Some examples I found were:

"Best way to use a walking worm is walk away from them. Take them out of your tackle box and make room for something that works."

"the worm has a curling action when it is still. im sure you already know this. it takes about 5 seconds for it to happen then it quits moving. when it stops twitch the worm again to start the action over. i hope you have better luck than i had with it."

"sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you have just wasted your money and you are about to waste your time fishing them. "

"I think that this bait is absolutley awful.. I would never recomend this waste of plastic"

There was one or two positive reviews among the hundreds of negatives though...

For more:


Speaking of worms though, anyone seen the new Berkley Bungee worm over here yet?


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