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First For Me...at Narra Lakes

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What a great morning it was Sunday morning. Took this snap of the morning sunrise, its not touched up at all, although I know it looks like it. Also to my surprise I caught this flounder on a small clouser, first flounder on fly for me, not sure if anyone has caught many of them at all on fly or lure, I was surprised by this small one. Anyhow, still plenty of chopper tailor in the lake, caught about 10 drifting and trolling clousers around the bridge. The usual spots havnt produced any bream or mullet the last couple of times out. But the tailor are good fun.

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Guest Jocool

Those sorts of sunrises are awesome arent they? :1clap:

Looks like that flounder may be a record Ken! :074: Whats the size limit on a flounder?

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Thanks Raiders,

hey Joe, remember the photos you and I put up last year of the sunrises from the same day? I think you took yours from the harbour, mine were from the lake. They were pretty spectacular, I am also happy with this one as well, makes you feel good to get up early when you see something like that. Cheers guys, have a good weekend. As for me, I'm bass fishing with Bluecod on Sunday then up to Port Stephens with the wife and kids for a week, taking the tinny, so hope to get into some of the estauries up there, any hints or secret spots I can throw a fly at ?:thumbup: Not sure on the size limit on flounders, he was only just 22 cms I think, but like most of my fly caught fish, he was put back in to where he belongs.

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G'day Narra

Huuuuge I mean Huuuuuuuge bream lurking under Dalboras Marina, smart fish though.

All along Jimmy's Beach for flathead.

Through the East channel down from Tea Gardens there is and oyster covered rock wall, drift clousers down along that. Entry from Port Stephens can be very shallow.

At the bay at the end of the west channel and along the west channel there are oyster leases.

The drop off from the flats into the main channel, and around the channel markers for ... wellat this time of year you never know your luck take plenty of backing I got hammered near the channel marker directly between Dalboras and the East Channel on a seven wt with about 200 mts of backing using a 1'0 deciever in blue white, didnt stand a chance. I think the fish was still accelerating when it got to the end of the backing, I dont ever think I have seen a flyreel spin that fast ever.

Keep an eye out for pelagic action.

hope you have a good one

Regards POGO

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