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Fishing The South Pacific Again

jewie hunter

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Hi All,

I'm looking forward to posting some nice pics after my Dx'pedition to the Cook Islands in a few months.I am a Ham radio operator and travel the world doing these crazy Dx'peditions like what you see on the Discovery Channel(setting up radio stations an operating them around the clock with thousands of contact with hundreds of different countries.I will take some time to go game fishing while the wife and kids enjoy the sand. I got some of the biggest sweeplips I have ever seen at phillip Island of the Norfolk Island group and hoping to bring back some nice pics for all.

Regards Tommy Jewie Hunter :1fishing1:

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About 10 years back I spent a month at the Cook Islands and did a stack of fishing on a few islands.

Some of there methods were a bit primitive and technique lacking, but wild fishing.

Everything from Stone fish on hard body lures in lagoons, bonefish, trevally to Wahoo, Dolphin fish Tuna and Marlin.

You can see all you want to see on the main island in 45 minutes on a moped. One road circles the island. It’s nothing to see 4 people on one moped.

Don’t bank on too many steaks as everything has to be brought in.

You will love the place.

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Hi Martin,

I have traveled across the pacific Island as well as the Carribean Islands ,North America,Europe ect. The resort where we are staying is total luxury and you know it is like a post card. I only hope the fishing will be as good . Martin if I can catch half of what you did mate I will be a happy fisherman/Radio Dx'pedition

Looking forward to the fish as I travel the world mate but have only fish in a couple of places but now that I live by the water and have a little boat I'm making myself go fishing and chasing my Jews .Its all about time these days mate with business ruling my live.

Regards Tommy Jewie Hunter :1fishing1:

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Jewie hunter, I always enjoy Raro. I have yet to go for a fish tho!

Seems the guys I go with have other interests :beersmile::beersmile:

I will go fishing there soon; in fact I go to Rarotonga next week but its with the :beersmile::beersmile: guys again but its not all bad :biggrin2:

If you get the chance I recommend the day trip to Aitutaki Lagoon............Heaven :thumbup:

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