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Sussex Inlet


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I spent the last 3 days in Sussex and got out in the canoe, a small tinny and a heap of land based flicking, all i can say is that there are a heap of nice lizards around, i ended up with about 25 - 30 over the 3 days, most of them land based in the 30 - 40cm range, biggest went 52cm. - all aught on 3" Bass Minnows or 100mm squidgie flickbaits

I Managed about 6 undersize bream on attacks in the canals along with a heap of small squire. Thought i had hit the jackpot in the main river one day only to boat what I thought was going to be my PB bream on plastic and found it to be a trevally :1prop: , ended up with another trevally soon afterwards... where are the big bream?? :wacko::wacko:



Edit : here's the bigger Trevva


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well done. good to see you landed a few.........well, more than a few :1naughty:

but where is 100mm golden shad :(

or the bomb.......i think you have gone stickbait mad :thumbup:


I know..... should stick with the bomb really, its cheaper, tougher and it catches flathead, what am i doing!!!

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I'm sure there will be few people on here asking that same question come the Bream Classic


yep!!! i didnt fish the basin or creeks, perhaps they are better to concentrate on those areas, there are definatly bream up there

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