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G'day all,

my name is Antony and i live at Curl Curl. i've only recently got back into fishing after a 10 year hiatus. i've got a 11ft tinny 10hp Johnson and usually fish Pittwater, Hawkesbury and Cowan Creek (all part of Gods country) without much success. i am currently in a debate with a mate of mine. we were recently out in Pittwater and my mate was using prawns as bait. everytime he pulled up his bait all that was left was the shell. i think it was squid that was taking the meat, he reckons there's a type of fish that can suck the meat out of the prawn. anyone have any thoughts.

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:1welcomeani: aboard blackant. You will find we are a pretty easy going bunch here.

You might want to have a read of a few of the articles HERE There are a couple on Cowan and Pittwater that maybe of interest to you.

If you have got any questions at all ask away :1prop:

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Yep it would have been the leatherjackets.  Where abouts were you fishing?  Anywhere near Currawong/Mackeral?  There's a heap of leatherjackets around there at the moment.


oh... and  :1welcomeani: See you in Pittwater!! :thumbup:


yeah we were fishing next to the yellow buoy in front of mackerel

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Thought so.  I caught a few LJs last weekend off currawong.  Try the peeled praws and a small hook the get 'em.



cheers for that. i'll know what to do if it happens again. can let my mate know we were both wrong.

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