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Pumicestone Passage 16/4

Ken A

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After 10 days of constant SE wind there was a bit of a break this morning so I had a dash around to the passage to spin for bream on the run out tide. There wasn't much current at all as the tides are tiny at the moment but I did manage 3 decent Bream in the 28 to 31cm bracket before the wind started again.

I took all 3 on Ecogear SX-40's in the 306 colour.

I kept 2 of the fish to eat & both were starting to develop roe so things should start picking up now. If only the wind would ease up!

Nice to get a couple fish though :biggrin2:

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I got 2 more yesterday & another this morning but until the wind changes it won't get any better. It's blowing south & I can't reach all the spots that produce with an SX-40 or 48. I'm basically fishing my half of the channel & as you Monash Street Veterans know the drop off on the other side is where the action is. Oh well its been southerly wind for 14 days in a row so maybe it will change by the end of the month & I can get some fish. :1prop::1clap:

Errr time for a rethink I just checked the forecast

Southeast Coast Waters, Double Island Point to Coolangatta:

Tuesday until midnight:  SE winds 10/15 knots tending E/NE in the afternoon. Seas 1.2 metres with a SE/E swell to 2 metres.

Wednesday:  SE winds 10/15 knots freshening to 20/25 knots during the day. Seas rising to 2.3 metres. A 2.5 metre SE/E swell. Showers developing.

Thursday:  SE winds 20/25 knots.

Friday:  Se winds 20/25 knots

Wind - :badair::badair::badair: - sucks :thumbdown:

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Sure is mate

1st prize - 3 glasses of my Fishraider Ale

2nd prize - 2 glasses of FR Ale

3rd prize - a stale Royal Jamacian Directors Choice cigar (end slightly chewed)

How's that mate :1prop:

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:yahoo: That's awesome mate!!! I'll be aiming for 3rd prize :badair:

As if I needed any incentives but now I'll defiantely come along. Made a home brew that tastes like Corona yet? :1naughty::1yikes:

Should we all chip in for meat and bbq stuff or bring our own mate? What's the simplest solution, I don't mind either way! :wacko:


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