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Buying Flies


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ive decided not to tie my own flies atm because i wont use that many to make it worth while......does anyne know a good place in the inner west to buy flies.how much do they usally cost

i am going down to lake conjola on monday :yahoo: soo what flies would be good for there.(mailny sandflats is where we will be fishing) :1clap:

thanks in advance

cheers nick

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Guest bluecod

G'day Nick,

You didn't leave yourself much time for replies. I can't help with a location to buy them from as I tie my own and am only new to the pasttime, but from what I gather I would pack some clousers, some shrimp patterns, a couple of bream poppers, and because I learnt on the things, some bread flies [burleying heavily with bread as well] expect to pay around $5 a fly. White with any of the following colours can be productive, blue, yellow, pink, chartreuse.

To get some ideas go and have a look at the flies in the Flyfishing section on Ebay or have a look at some of the fly rod club sites.

Ken A has posted two very good articles on Saltwater Flyfishing in the Articles section.

Sorry I can't be more help but perhaps if Swoffa or Pogo sees your post they can steer you in the right direction.

Have a good time down there anyway. :thumbup:

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Guest fishrunner

Hi nick,

you could try upstairs at otto's on victoria rd in drumoyne, they have a good range. though you will be pushed for time now,check it out for next trip. good luck on monday!


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Guest Jocool
Not in the Inner West Joe... or else I would have suggested them straight away.

Do they do fly gear though?


OOPPS...Didnt realise he wanted INNER west! :wacko:

Your mates arent the only ones with an upstairs Swoffa! :1naughty:

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Sorry nick I didnt see your post till today (wednesday)

Yep Ottos is pretty good.

Compleat angler if youre in town

Cant reccomend the blokes at ABA highly enough, they have some nice stuff and the FR deal certainly helps.

Mate you want to start tying your own ASAP cause they cost a bomb.

Buy some straight "unkirbed" SS hooks in a shape that you like and a spool of heavy tying thread, some dumbell eyes are handy and then hit the wifeor mothers sewing basket and the christmas decoration box for materials. Youll be suprised what you can knock together.

Simple flies like crazy charlies, and clousers are a cinch to knock together and are usually just as effective as the ones with all the epoxy and bells and whistles.

Dont worry about a fly vice to start off with just use a set of vice grips and clamp them to the bench.

By all means buy a few flies to start yourself off with and have a look at how they are put together. The big secret is not to overdress the flies, some of the commercial pattrns are way overdressed. One of the most succesful clousers I have was just a average one until more than half the dressing was stripped out of it. Now it has about a dozen stands of dressing and a couple of strands of flash left and seems to outfish theothers by double.

Regards POGO

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