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Hi Guys,

Gonna be boatless for a while when i sell mine so might do a bit of good ol beach fishing for a few noahs etc in between a bit of lbg.

just wondering what you guys use.

i know theres the good old alveys

but what threadlines do you guys use?

and what rod

do u use braid?

anyone been using the kite method to get ur bait out far?

i think ive got a 9 or 10ft rod somewhere there but need to chuck a new reel on it.



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Guest fishrunner

used an alvey for years,- never failed, though now tend to use a shimano speedmaster 4 eggbeater, just have to make sure it's cleaned after use. Oh a 11ft silstar power tip.

The beach is always nice after dusk,- good luck! :1fishing1:


The other good thing is if you're not driving you can have a few beers as well.

simple things in life :biggrin2:

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I use a 12' wilson beachmaster rod with an okuma epix eb-80. A lot of people talk down these reels, but I've never had any problems with mine fortunately. Spooled with 20lb mono. I tried fireline off the beach once, and ended up with a massive clump of weed caught up in it and had to cut it off, so I won't be doing that again, too expensive.

The other setup I have is a 13.5' wilson live fibre graphite rod with an alvey 650c & 20lb line.

Both good setups but I find myself using the spin combo more often than the alvey, mainly because I can do more things with it.

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We mainly fish with Beach Worms for Bream and Whiting, and Pilchards for Tailor.

Barbara has a Wilson Live Fibre 10 1/2 foot 6 kg rod, Shimano 6500 Baitrunner, 14 lb Fireline and 15lb Vanish leader. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sensitive! Casts a mile!

Mine is the old 650 C5 Alvey, Butterworth 7144H and Platypus Super-100 15 lb line. This line is expensive for mono, but is very thin and supple, the best I have found! Tried Fireline, but threw too many loose coils, useless!!!!

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Guest bluecod

In recent times I beach fish with either a MT7144/650C5 combo or MT6144/600C5 combo BUT I formerly had a Sportex 904 that broke some years ago and it was one of the best beach bream/tailor rods I have ever used.

Recently I acquired another one [sportex] and I'm happy again :yahoo:

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