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Little Lj's Just Outside

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Guest TelcoBroker

About this time last year I wet a few lines out in front of Palm Beach. Funny thing was as soon as I dropped anchor there were a myriad of little fish hanging around the anchor rope, motor leg and also heaps floating on the surface. When the floaters were disturbed they would jump into life but looked dead while floating. I suspect they were juvenile leather jackets. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this common?

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Hey Tele,

I've seen lots of dead/dying leatheries out there before. I think the theory goes that they're "Chinamen Jackets" that come down from up north on the warm currents.

They get to the cooler water down here, or hit a cooler current, and they can't handle the temperature change and start dying. :thumbdown:

Not sure if that's true for this time of the year however...

Earlier this season they were thick as with really big ones up to 60cm on the outside reefs :1yikes:

I was even catching them on little metal lures... :1yikes:


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