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Hawkesbury Railway Bridge


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I don't have a boat but was wondering how i can get to under the railway bridge in the hawkesbury by foot or car to fish from the shore. is it possible? if so, which side do you recommend?



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Gday Ando and welcome to raider!

Jimbo Is right there is a track from hawkesbury river stn to the actual bridge I have seen cars drive right up to the bridge but all of em have been council workers workin on the track or bridge so I dunno if cars are allowed Im sure while ur down there u could ask a local and they would know for sure...

hope this helps shannon....

PS let me know how u go if u end up fishin it!

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The train stops at Hawkesbury river station

right across the road from Brooklyn Marina

there is a little shop to the right of the station next to the anglers rest hotel

that used to sell fresh squid and prawns.

good luck


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