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Bobbin Head


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Hi Coast bloke,

Mate when you get there look over the river and you will see a jetty, ive got some nice bream of there.

But if you dont mind a walk, go to apple tree bay and take the track on the left side of the ramp about a kilometer down the track there are some big rocks that you can fish off, ive got better bream and lizards from there.

Good luck and tight lines. :thumbup:

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Hey coast bloke

Ive been fishing many atimes in Bobbo, if your just looking to throw a line in then either side of the bridge as you get doen to bobbin head is alright, ive caught the odd fish there. If you are really interested in catching some fish then go around to apple tree bay and take the track which goes up river. Fish close to the shore as the further out you go the bottom is only mud and all that lurks there is stingrays and a few sharks. Happy fishing.

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