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Hey guys, first post for me. My brother and mate went fishing in Tuggerah lake on Sat 16th April and bagged 4 keepers for their trouble. Largest measured 35cm. They fished about 200m inland of the Entrance bridge in about the middle of the channel at the start of the run out tide about 1am. They used chicken gut to catch their haul.

My brother and I went back out on Tuesday the 19th April and ba :biggrin2: gged 3 keepable, mostly near the north end of the entrance bridge near Terilbah island on chicken gut again. Largest fish 32cm.

The next night my brother went out again with his mate and caught 14 fish with 6 being keepable. All just over legal size, once again on chicken gut. On the lull between high and low tide and also once the tide started to move back out.

The bream that was caught each night was hooked on gamakatsu 2/0 long shank hooks with about a 50cm trace with a 2/0 sinker. Times that were fished were however late between 9:00pm and 5:00am, best being the run out tide and the in between tides.

Happy fishing in Tuggerah lake.

Next time Ill post some pics. :biggrin2:

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G`day Fellas ,

Thumper , my daughter and family are spending a few days there , and will be wetting a line for sure .

I hope they can catch a feed , because the 9 year old GD is as keen as mustard , and will fish all day , and all night if allowed to.

She was taught at a very young age , and is an excellent pupil just like her Mum.

She can catch her own bait , has managed 5 worms to date , ties her own hooks , knots , leaders etc, etc , and insists on cleaning her own catch .

She can also cast a bait , or lure with an accuracy that defies her age , but the filleting of the catch has been denied her so far , though she watches with an eagle eye as this task is performed by one of us.

You can just tell she is cracking to have a go at it , and I think this weekend might just be it.


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