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Sydney Harbour Is Still Firing

Basil D

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Last Thursday I organized to go fishing with a friend of mine, we said will go Sunday avo, Saturday came around and Jim Bream Rang me and asked when is my next fishing sesh, I told my mate Jim Im going Sunday avo you wanna Go, Jim says you bet, that same Day I met an old school friend and cut the story short, Raymond was coming too, So I rang my other mate and told sorry mate, we gotta organize Sundays trip for another day.

cant fit them all :whistling:

Anyway, I cleaned the boat out, Charged the batteries overnight, esky, ice, bait,warm clothes everything set.

Hit the water 3.30 and we were onto fish at 4.30, we tried about three spots and they all produced fish, our first spot been the stand out for the avo, we Got two Flathead, one being 50cm and two Bream being 30cm and two whiting at 35 and 28cm, all Fish were caught on worms, Hawksburry prawns, and Squid.

Jim Bream out fished us but this time I got the two biggest fish :biggrin2:

We got 50 fish for the night and 20 fish kept.


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gday basil thats a good catch mate! my son went on saturday night where we fished and picked up a 70cm jew!

oh well at least you made up for it this time.


Im up for another trip when your ready, I have bought a butane heater for the boat :thumbup:

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