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Social On Sunday.


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I would suggest taking a look at the packs being offered for sale by Global Tackle as these are perfect for this type of fishing.

They will have them there on the day to purchase :D

Lure Packs

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Hi Hamerz if your bringing a boat along to the social on Sunday you'd have a high tide up at Revesby around 3.30am in the morning and a low tide around 9.30am. If you wanted to have a fish prior to the start of the social which is scheduled to commence at 8am sharp, it would be a good idea to launch before first light as a lot of water would have been stirred up due to the boating activity that normally goes on down there on a Saturday....looking across the river over to your right from the boat ramp you'll see a long stretch of mangroves on the other side which are just about opposite Cattle Duffers, these mangroves would be as good a spot as any to be anchored out from just before first light - a time which would have given the tide enough time to turn and fully pick up as there would be a rather long stillwater period beforehand... in which case you could keep casting away in close and stagger your casts in accordance with the gradual water drop...you'd be fishing for either flathead or bream and if it were me I'd be fishing with worms and pilchard tails but lures could be run around the boat at the same time, casting shallow and alternatively casting into deeper water...A good hardbody lure to cast in towards shallow water for flathead would be a tasmanian devil if you have one otherwise proven sp/s with appropriately weighted jig heads would be well suited pqarticularly where the shallows drop into deeper water...In the past tailor have become active up that way around first light when the tide starts to run out and the way the upriver sections been fishing lately flathead should be in reasonable numbers around these particular mangroves sweating on the fry to come out...


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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