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Doubled Multi-Strand Overhand Bend

Catchin Jack

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Time to pick some brains here, found this knot and tried it, it's quite strong and i used braid and mono and it didn't pull or break, it broke on the line itself away from the knot, the only difference i made in the knot is that i went wrapped it 4 times instead of three.

I found it to be better than a double uni knot.

Here's link to the knot knot instructions link

Anyone had any experience with this knot and what do you think of it?

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The Doubled Multi-strand Overhand Bend is not one of the stronger methods of attaching a dropper as it has a tendency to slip. It is however, quick and easy to tie which is its main advantage.

Ashley writes; "The Overhand Bend ranks higher than the sheet Bend in security but is among the weakest of the bends".

Hi Leo I like to get everything right with my gear or I could hardly fish with confidence the way I like to and I must say I would not be comfortable at all using the particular knot you refer to in the link as it appears to be among the weakest of knots and according to the reviews above... rigging up with that knot would put a mocker on me in regards to ever fishing with it and the comments above make me all the more convinced that there are weaknesses at the knot... there are far better line to line knots to be used where the braid is merely a series of even wraps over the mono and if you take a look at the line to line knot in the link below, you'll see that the principal of this particular knot is the simple stopper knot in the mono itself and even braid wraps under pressure would virtually pull in against the stopper knot which would have just enough elasticity to produce enough give and prevent the braid wraps from cutting into the mono leader material or flurocarbon line for example...

The knot in the link below knot is an ideal knot for casting thru rod guides and would be a good knot to use especially if you decide to use flurocarbon mono to braid so as to be able to have flurocarbon line from the water level down as well as using it as a line to line leader knot either above or below the sinker depending on the particular rig you are using...


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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