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Trevs On Lures


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Ive caught quite a few good size trev's using the Squidy Pro Lobby in lava. Normally a by-catch of going for Flathead in both Botany Bay (Towra and off Dolls Point) and in Port Hacking.


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My suggestions would be:

2" or 3" Gulp jigging grubs in Moldy cheese or pumpkinseed

Squidgy pro Lobby in Lava

Any 3" stick/flick bait in natural colours

The above have served me well in the Towra / Kurnell area.

They also take small hardbodied lures trolled or slow rolled over weed beds.

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Thanks for the replies guys, With the worms, I've only got 6' sizes, could I just cut them into 1/3rds and use them like that ?

What hook size would you recommend?

I'm fishing Port Hacking off the wharves and I have found with burley, most of the Trevs usually sit just below us, so would dropping it down and jigging it up and down work, or should I cast out and retrieve in?


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