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Terrigal Kings (Jigging)


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Hi all,

Made the trip to Terrigal boat ramp with my dad this morning and planned to head out wide to jig for for some kings. We also decided to catch some yakkas for live bait before we left the bay too, the only prbolem was though every single yakka we brought in with the sabaki rig was at least 35cm and no good for livebait as they just catch the current and drift away from the boat.

We ditched to livebait idea and started the trip to where we dicided we would jig. After losing about 4 jigs to jackets and having the hooks chewed of 3 others :mad3: we still had no Kings on board and it was looking like a failed day and we were getting ready to head home. Untill around 11am when the bite came on and we finally got a good jigging technique, we jigged up two 70cm kings (our first on jigs by the way) :thumbup: . Once these were in the boat we started the drift again and on the first drop we hooked up a hoodlum at about 150 ft that smoked us to the bottom (330 ft) and parked itself under a rock to bust us of :ranting2: .

After a few more jigs I get another hit on a heavier outfit (80 lb spin gear) and played this one to to surface and landed it with the lip grippers as it wouldn't fit in our net, this one went 83cm and is my new PB :yahoo: . (Proud that I got it on a jig too).

We also caught some jumbo bonito (60cm) :1yikes: on the jigs too that could almost be mistaken for rat kingies.

Overall it was a good day and the weather was kind to us aswell.

Cheers Prawn Star.




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Well done mate on getting your new PB and first kingies on jig.

I got my first kingies on jig last winter and trust me, your obsession is just about to begin!

I bumped into to you guys at putney boat ramp a few months ago (i was in a 6.5m sea legend) and noticed you guys out last weekend i think it was at the colours. I'll be sure to say hi next time.



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