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Botany Saturday Arvo


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Me and a mate went out yesterday for a quick fish and to try out the new boat 5.1 aquamaster with 90 suzuki four stroke quite impressed with it aswell.

Headed into the bay about 1 0clock to windy to stop anchored up at muli point for a flounder threw back headed out to the south side of the heads for a troll out of the wind calm as calm within 1 minute zzzzzzz leaping bonito and then bonito every where on small pink skirts got about 20 in an hour on light tackle then 3 massive whales appeared beside the boat scared the crap out of us they came up that close the water out of there spout sprayed us awsome sight they headed north as we headed south all in all quite a good arvo session kept a few bonnies for bait

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Sounds like some good fun Ray but I have to ask who got the new boat?

you didnt down grade did you?


yeah mate sick of towing around the big glass boat so got something smaller and easier to maintain now got two boats in the driveway and the missus is not impressed need to offload quickly

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