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My Day At The Soft Plastic Social


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What a great day.. great weather, great people.. :thumbup:

i would just like to thank everyone that played a part in organising the day.. To all the instructors, and to all the members from near and far that attended.. i myself made the trip from Bathurst with my youngest son , and we both learnt a great deal from everyone that was there.

A special thanks to Stewie and Donna..Great to see you up and about and doing so well..Thanks to Flightmanager for the cooking. :thumbup:

Also big thanks to our sponsors that attended with all the gear on offer..

And one more thing....A very big thankyou for making me a "GOLD MEMBER" :1yikes: I didn't see this one coming.. I will post some photos tomorrow...

Keep the tight lines :1fishing1:

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