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Last Minute Flick

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I got the order in the morning to take Jnr Jnr Poddy Trapper out in the arvo to get him out of the house....unfortnately, he spent another 2 and half days this week in Royal Childrens Hospital while they sorted out an infection in his head after the dog attack....he asked me so many times whilst in hospital when he could next go out, so I was only too happy to oblige. As you can see from below he's stil sporting the hospital head gear, but that wasn't gonna stop him from getting out there...

Tough going on the plastics tried my usuals spots and nothing was producing, came up tight on one solid flathead but it spat it after a short run..... :mad3::mad3::mad3:

Cruised over to Towra and noticed some surface bust ups, so whipped out a large Cultiva popper and hurled it out and watched it get smashed off the surface after a couple of quick bloops, then threw the rod to Jayden and watched him hang-on....heaps for fun on the bream gear and after 5 mins or so and a handful of ZZZZZZZZ's we netted and very fat 50cm Tailor.....not quite the size we managed last weekend but nevertheless not to be sneezed at in the bay....


How good is throwing 10lb on a second spool for your pimped out 2500 reel and really putting it through its paces...makes the investment all the more worthwhile...

Gee's I love chucking poppers, I hate the 6 month wait between bream sessions, so the odd semi-pelagic popper sesh thrown in the middle makes the time pass a little faster.....

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Great report Poddy Trapper.

What a champion you are Jayden thumbup.gif great tailor on light gear.

Nothing puts a smile on my face more than having a flick in the bay and getting my popper smashed by a big bream or whiting or in this case a fat tailor like yours.

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Great fish Jayden. At least the hospital head gear must have kept your head a bit warmer!! Looks like a chilly morning. :frozen:

Great to see you out with the Jnrs again PT. Nothing better than the smile on a kids face when they catch a good fish!!

Cheers, Slinky

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