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Trailer Winch Replacement

Catchin Jack

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Hi Raiders,

After breaking my winch cable yesterday i've decided to buy complete new winch as old one is getting old and of course broken.

What sort of ratio would be best (quick and not heavy to turn) and should i go wire, strap or rope as my cable?

Any info would be appreciated.



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I would be comparing to your old winch for ratio and sticking close to the same if it wasnt giving too much trouble winding in, when choosing a winch try to find one that has a guard both sides to prevent strap or cable rubbing against the main gear causing wear. I have tryed all three rope, strap & cable in preference I like the strap I think most people do but its an individual choice.


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Hey mate I snapped my winch cable on my last trip on the long weekend, and i have decided to go with a new one.. I have chose the 2ton strap, with a 2 speed ratio...3:1 and 7:1 ratios. it also has a7m strap.. (not that I need one that long).. I picked up from a well know auction site under $50.. But I think i am going to go the lazy way later on with a electric winch.. :thumbup:

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Hi Leo,

Yours being Al. is a lot lighter than my fibreglass

its 51/2mtrs. and bloody heavy with 105 merc.

I beach mine and retrieve the same way. I don't think where allowed

to mention other makers. i use cord and two speed winch 5 to1 and 15 to 1.

the price was half I expected it pulls my boat off the beach no probs.

PM me if you want anymore info.

cheers Rick.

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