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A Couple Of Good Days


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Greg has hit the water the last 2 nights very late for squid, and early morning kings with good results. Yesterday he managed 15 plus squid and 5 legal kings (72-91cm). And today he was at it again,,,,, nearly got the full bag limit of squid, and another 2 legal kings. All the kings were released and caught in the main harbour, and all the squid he caught in the ungodly hours of 1230am-5/6am at the usual spots.

Its good to see the rain has not put the squid and kingys completely off the bite. Sorry not pic's this time due to the conditions. Need to buy a waterproof digi camera ASAP.


Edited by Dan and Greg
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It is good to hear the the kings are still there if you put in the hard work and present the right baits :D

Well done on the efforts there Greg and thanks for the report Dan :thumbup:

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Hi Dan,

Great couple of sessions. Yeah the kings are still around and the jews are starting to show up :thumbup:

Giving them a shot on friday arvo/evening. Weather looks good and i am pumped.


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