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2010 Suzuki 30 Hp 2 Stroke Fitting Alternator?


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hi dominc id say yes you can add alternator and elec start,choice of 30watt or 80 watt alternator (stator + rectifier) huey will know 4 sure and id say price somewhere between $500 to a $1000,not sure if you would need a totaly new wiring harness though.if so dont no if it would be worth doing,might be better to trade up or look at wind or solar generation,just a thought. good luck with it and let us know how you go,cheers dunc333

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Hi does any one know if you can install electric start and or an alternator to a 2010 Suzuki 30 hp 2 stroke motor? And if so how much would this roughly cost?



Yes you can, as my mate recently bought a new boat with an electric start 30hp 2 stroke Suzi, with alternator fitted to his battery. He got a whole BTM package though with planty of features so i wouldnt be able to tell u the specific prices on just those.

It is easily possible though.


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Hi Doninic, I am guessing you have a rope start tiller handle engine and yes you can do this. It will be expensive to fit a electric start kit which would also charge the battery. The cheaper option would be battery charging kit but it would still be rop start.

IF you must have electric start you would find it cheaper to trade that engine in on a factory fitted one with electric start becasue the kit with installation on your rope start engine will be more than the change-over figure.



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