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Jewtastic Day On The Hawkesbury River


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Jewtastic day on the Hawkesbury river,

G Unit and Squidboy Finally team up in the Hawkesbury to finally crack jewies one after another.

It was Sunday 20/6/10 and with not much sleep from the night before we set off at 10 am. We simply were cruising the river and finally decided to stop and drop Anker. The tide was coming up and we just managed to let out the two baitrunner with 2 fresh strips of squid, when one of them decided to start to scream away after not even minutes.

Squidboy stop and set the hook and the fight was on with those strong head shakes we just know that it was a jewie. I finally got 2 cracks at netting the thing which ended up being an 82cm 3.2kg jewie :thumbup:

We basically just kept baiting up and burling up hard while I had a go at SP, which paid off with a 58cm jewie and a smile on my face, but once again nothing beats fresh squid.

We ended up catching 5 jewies and called it a day after just less than two hours ranging from 58cm to 82cm.

It was nice to finally see the Hawkesbury River finally living up to its reputation after all these years of attempting to target jewies in the river.

G Unit



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well done guys sounds like the plan came together nicely! cant wait to get out there and get into the jews this weeknd stocked up with 20 squid been 3 weeks now since ive targeted them :ranting2: just hope my plans go as well as yours! :thumbup:

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Thanks all,

TC we just realised it off the back of the boat that’s all. I'm not too familiar with the river, it was a bit up from the mooney mooney bridge. I got one, once under the bridge but it didn't last long at all...

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