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Frequent Fly Fishing


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Hi All,

Just wondering who out there in the vast forum is a "true" fly fisherperson?.

So can you post if you fly fish more than 10 times a year, and also where is your favourite place to fly fish and one more: post your best caught fish ( doesn't have to be biggest, just most memorable.



this pic is my fav because it was the first of about a million Lake Trout I caught with my best friend Dave who I got to come visit me up in the Arctic for 6 weeks.


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G'day Nanook,

I'm not sure I qualify as a true flyfisherperson any more... it used to be 90% of my fishing and I probably make your 10 times a year criteria... but only just, these days. Funnily enough I'm very rarely out in the boat without my 9wt travel rod under the floor, but I rarely get around to getting it out. :(

I still absolutely love it as a way to fish though and my fishing roots are buried deep in the Tasmanian highlands where the long wand rules. Here's a couple of fish that while not big, are very memorable for me...


One of the fish I caught during a full week in Fiji where, without exaggeration, of all the casts I made at least one in every three got a hit, hookup or fish... just mind blowing :1yikes:


And probably the most beautiful place I've fished. I have no idea what the area is called but the river and falls were about a 45minute boat ride followed by a 20 minute hike up a Cape York river. Home tied Dahlberg I'd carried from Sydney got me one of my 'must catch' species on fly.

Cheers, Slinky

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Hi Matt

I used to when we lived in NZ - but it has slipped sadly behind my SW lure fishing in the recent 10 years! I do my annual trip to Jindy with Canberra fly fishing supremo buddy Kim (usually in Dec) and have only caught the 1 fish in the last 3 outings!! Shameful!

Luderick-angler has been hitting the NZ streams over the last couple of years that he has been in Wellington ..... he has a tale or two to tell!!

BTW, my biggest trout in NZ was a tad under 10lb, caught at Lake Tarawera, just out of Rotorua (past the Buried Village.) If you ever get there, just scatter fine gravel into any of the streams of Rotorua & you'll see trout come out from everywhere, thinking it is those fish pellets that they toss in the trout hatcheries! The wild trout swim in & out of some of the 'trout tourism spots' & are regualarly fed with the pellets!! Then you chuck a fly in!! :biggrin2:

Cheerio for now & enjoy that long wand!!


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That Saratoga or is it an Arowana?...must be a toga right. Man I lived in Darwin for almost 3 years, but never even went fishing once ( when I was in the Army ), can you believe that!!. I have been to Cape York twice, out to Arurukun, Pormpurraw and Kowanyama to work ( well really just did a few locums there so I could flyfish!). I would love to catch some Saratoga's in the lily's!.

Great Catch.

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fish every weekend I can for trout! Fly fish probabaly at least 30 times a year all I do here in NZ! Cannot stand the sea fishing here the rods ae like telegraph poles and they use wipper snipper cord for line. Hence it's fly fly fly! do a little for kings and kawhai when the rivers are in flood!

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Hi Nanook - i love my fly fishing and my only gripe is a bit like Slinky i do not use fly more often. I love my trout and Tassie and NZ have been the best places i have fished for them. Sydney Harbour for Australian Salmon is fantastic however i am yet to catch a king on fly from the harbour. I had a great day in Iceland recently and attach the report.



Moro Mou

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Hi Nanook,

I fly fish regularly - but not exclusively. So far my fly fishing has been pretty much fresh water only for bass and trout - though I only started fly fishing for bass this year and haven't managed to land one on fly. I'm looking forward to the Aussie Salmon this year in the harbour.

I also tie my own flies where I can.

My favorite spots are the Snowy mountains, Northern Tablelands (ebor etc) and of course NZ. My local River out near Camden (The Nepean) holds bass if you know where to look and has been fun this year on lures.

The following picture is probably my favorite trout capture on fly ever. It's not the biggest or the first trout I have ever caught but for anyone who has walked the Milford Track in NZ you will understand. On the Third day you have to walk ~18kms from Hut to Hut rising 500m in alitude over Mackinnon Pass and then dropping 800m - which we did. Then when I got to the Hut the ranger told me the best fishing was a further 1.5hrs walk down stream so off I went on my own. After arriving at "The Boat Shed" I could clearly see 2 Brown trout holding in deep clear water, after 2 casts this hungry Brown inhaled my cicada pattern.

I forgot to take the camera, so the fish had to come back for dinner which was a good thing as it was our last night on the trek and we had pretty much run out of all the nice stuff to eat. The other hikers in the hut had a serious case of dinner envy, but I did share. The photo was taken back at the hut.

Lucky I did bother to do the extra 3 hrs walk that afternoon / night becuase the next day the river flooded, and could not have been fished....


This next picture was caught on the same trip to NZ sight casting in the Oreti River in the South Island, it was one of 4 caught that day all around this size bracket (~6lbs) all caught sight fishing.


Next month my wife and I are travelling in the North West parts of the USA and South West Parts of Canada and I really hope to get in some fly fishing over there. We are travelling from Portland to YellowStone then North to Banff, so if anyone has any good spots that would be really helpful. I'm only planning on taking a fly rod at this stage.



(Not sure what happened to the pictures here....)

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(Not sure what happened to the pictures here....)

G'day FlyFanatic,

I had the same thing happen the first time I tried to post pics... I use a Mac and had exported my pics from iPhoto as jpegs and something about it meant that they posted like yours. By simply exporting them in 'original' format, the problem was solved (even though the original format also exports as a jpeg??? Go figure!)

Don't know if this helps.

Cheers, Slinky

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Flyfanatic, i know exactly where you mean, i tried the boat shed area, and missed 2 trout attacking my lure, and my friend had her fly stripped by a hiungry trout. but i got one on the first day so i wasnt desperate.

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