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Harbour Session 24/4


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G'day all,

Had a quick session on Sunday with Swoffa ahead of an afternoon wedding. Beautiful morning with just a lick of breeze saw us launch at Concord and race downstream to Goat Island.

Original plan was to throw a few Hard bodies around for Bream in preparation for the HB Challenge on 15/5, but the first spot demanded a SP presentation and without further discussion I began flicking a Watermelon bass minnow around a few pylons and jetties. After a solid effort, we both came up with a donut so the plan changed to hgead even further downstream to the Container buoys that had recently produced for Swoffa and Koi.

Rigged up on 1/8th heads, Bass minnows were again deployed, both under the buoys and also jigged all the way down the chain. Needless to say we both suffered a few spectacular kingies bustoffs, to the chain as well as pulled hooks. Managed a couple of bream including my first from deep water.

As the tide pushed out harder, we were unable to get to the bottom so a change of plan was called for. Shot back upriver and had a flick around a few EP spots that Swoffa has made me keep quiet on, but to no avail. I did manage to hook up on what can only have been a stonker bream, that despite all pressure I failed to stop as it buried me under a floating pontoon.

Gladesville marina beckoned and we both managed a few good hits, but things just weren't coming up tight. I blame poor reflexes for my efforts. Anyway, the clock was ticking for stumps and before heading back to the ramp we fished a few boats near Hen and Chicken Bay for a couple of undersized fish.

Summary was that the bream seemed really tentative and unwilling to have a proper go at the lures we used. that said, it was a great morning on the water and an enjoyable session despite the lack of quality fish boated.



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