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Light Jigging Rod


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Hi guys,

Trying to decide on a fairly lightweight jigging rod to use off my kayak for the inshore reefs around Sydney. Budget around $250 - $300(max).

To be mated to a Daiwa Oceano 4500J with 30lb tuf-line XP and jigs up to 150-200gm but usually lighter.

I'm tossing up between a Shimano Jigwrex S5103 PE3 and a Daiwa Monster Mesh MM 582MS-SIC Spin 5’8” Med Fast 80–150gm PE 2–4.

Am leaning slightly towards the MM at this stage but would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Options from left field include the Pioneer and Rapala Braid Concept rods for slightly cheaper (have heard and 'seen' some of the negative feedback on the Rapalas but seems to be due to more drag pressure than I could ever apply out of a yak)...

Thanks in advance


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