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Bobbin Head?


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going down to have a fish at bobbin head on friday. probs off the rockwall or sumthin.I've fished there a few times only to get a few throwback bream but seen a sizeable salmon caught aswell as a few good whiting. wonderin if anyone knows what bait and tackle i should be using around there to get stuck into anything worth catching.


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If you head along the shoreline towards apple tree bay there are some rock platforms that it is deep in front of them, burley up and try peeled hawksbury river prawns and light sinkers bream and leather jackets shouldnt be hard to find

Also there are black fish around the same shore line so if you can find some decent weed maybe that will be the go


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Agree with above, you can also try walking from Apple Tree bay along the track, where there are more rock platforms. Often you can find squid in the bays further around from Apple Tree.

All around that area you will probably pick up a few yakka's and mullet if you put out the right rig. It's worth putting out a couple of livies, both top and bottom can be interesting.

You do get the "rare" Salmon and Big Tailor cruising through. Livies mostly get left alone by the small tailor, although if bleeding can get demolished.

Growing up in Turramurra and still having family there, I've spent nearly 30 years plugging away on and off down there. Lots of small stuff but the occasional excitement. I've even seen one old guy catch and "release" a metre and a half of rather angry shark very early one morning!

If you have the patience and gear, blackies are one reliable fish. (and hats off to Luderick fisher-folk!)

Great spot if you have kids to teach em the basics!


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x2 for the rocks between Bobbin and Apple Tree bay, there is also a bushwalk track that goes from Appletree bay north up to lords bay (i think its lords bay, 3 bays up from apple tree) and there are hundereds of potential spots through there. I berly chopped up pilly and bread crumbs and use peeled prawns on the hook. Be prepared to catch lots of baby bream but you will get some legals if your patient enough, you will also attract catfish which can dull the day.

One day soon i hope to launch the tinny from Apple tree and give the bays a good workout, its all dependant on work at the moment.

Best of luck. :1fishing1:

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