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Avoca Rocks, No Fish Today

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, went around the rocks this arvo hoping for a reddie, bream or flattie.

First stop was to try for some fresh squid bait, found a few and then proceeded to

the reddie rock.

No reds or bream there but lo and behold bloody line snipping jackets, two rigs

gone so I was out of there back to the place I found some inkers.

I had some more success with a few larger models, so although I didn't get any

scaled critters a few squid will do for a tasty snack.

So that was my arvo around the rocks on what was a beautiful day.... :thumbup:




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Hey Ray! Remeber me from the rocks!? nice inkers there mate! if you had told me about the squid there, my dinner would have tasted just that little bit nicer!! :D anyways... i have my report up, but can't get my other photos up!

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great stuff there mate good looking inkers what I usually do is keep the heads and flaps for bait and eat the rest

squid head is a great kingy/jew bait and

yes even the flaps can be used cut them into little strips just remove the skin

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Great feed there Ray! :thumbup:

Let us know what they tasted like. How do you cook them?

Brilliant photos! :thumbup: The close up is an absolute cracker! It looks fantastic full size. :thumbup:



G'day Pete, mate they taste good to me, I just mix up some butter, chilli paste and some salt and pepper sachet mix,

some chopped shallots chuck it in a hot frypan, let it cook up them add my little strips of squid, cook for a minute or so,

put into a bowl add a small dollop of sour cream then scoff it down... Beautiful...

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Nice squid there mate.i havent fished there since they shut down the caravan park and thats a long time ago. I was gutted when they did i grew up fishing the lake and beach. Ill have to get up there now i have a car.

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