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Nsw Pro Bream


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I spoke with Chris, who organises the NSW Pro Bream, earlier today and the dates have been confirmed.

Hawkesbury 21-22 May

Lake Macquarie 18-19 June

Forster 23-24 July

Sydney Harbour 17-18 September

Port Stephens 29-30 October

Lake Macquarie 12-13 November

He is in the process of getting his web site up and running. Should be up by next week and you will be able to download entry form etc. If its OK with Ken I will post a link when available??

The set up is a little diffrent to the ABT.

Entry fee $35 per angler

Weigh in 2 best fish per session

You organise boater non boaters pairings except in GF where it is a random draw

No minimum boat requirement. Just has to meet Waterways rules

No min livewell. As long as it keeps the fish alive.

3 sessions over 2 days (2 Sat, 1 Sun)

You can weigh in at any time through the session then go back and fish and upgrade if you catch a better fish.

You fish for AOY points with the top 50 qualifying for the GF. If someone drops out than the next place competitor gets a start.

Top 25 quailify as boaters. If one of those doesn't have a suitable boat then next in line gets the boaters position. So in theory you can qualify as a boater fishing as a non boater all year.

I think thats about it. If you want any more info you can contact Chris on 02-4973 3373

I am not tied up with these guys at all. Just sounds like a good comp :biggrin2:

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Not sure about the prefish Andrew

So you can weigh in early then go and get more fish to upgrade? What possible advantage could this have?

They took this from the Pro Bass . So if you catch a good fish from deep water and it doesn't look well you can go in weigh it and release it ASAP and continue fishing.

Makes sense but you wouldn't want to be to far from the weigh in

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Guest Jocool

This comp sounds like a more laid back approach than the ABT! The ABT are great for the real keen blokes, and those that can afford the time and money investment, but the Pro Bream looks like it could be popular for those that don't take it TOO seriously, and base it around having fun!

Not to say it won't be competitive. I'm sure it will be. It gives Gumbies like me a fighting chance I would say. Unless all the gun ABT anglers enter as well! :074::074: Then I'm screwed! :tease:

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The comps' are a lot more relaxed than the ABT's, but still have a bit of a competitive edge.. they're a little like how I'd imagine a club comp' to be run, just on a bigger scale.

The Pro Bass and Pro Bream rounds still attract a few 'big guns', but not quite as many as you may find in the ABT rounds.


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Hawkesbury probass was the first comp I fished and the atmosphere was much more relaxed and u can fish with a mate if u like. Still some good fisherman there though so don't think it is a pushover. The weighin rules allow returning to the field because of bass and ep legal limits. Yes they allow ep's to be weighed in as bass which makes the bass comps much more fun.

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.... or at least have one of them fast Elegant Boats.


Don't know about that. You would have to ask Ross :1prop:

Sounds like there are a few people here that are keen. The Hawkesbury round is based at a caravan park off the Mt White turn off. For the life of me I can't remember the name :1prop: . I am looking forward to not having the run back into Pittwater.

It does sound like a more relaxed style of comp but from what I hear it is still pretty competitive. A few of the top guys still fish these comps but with a 2 fish limit I might even be able to weigh a bag :yahoo:

I think the hardest part of these comps will be to limit the ammount of :beersmile: consumed in the couple of hours betwen rounds on the Saturday

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Hi Guys,

I am really looking forward to this... I just have to sort a few things out, and i will be in for sure. I like the fact that two events are in my backayrd (Lake Mac) and with my parents having a house on the water, it will be even easier for me to enter and have somewhere to leave my boat overnight. I like the fact that it looks a little more laid back, but still a bit competitive. Do you know if you have to enter ALL events? I will be up north for the first round, but the rest are looking good.

and Jethro, those beers sound good already!


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The GF will be held on the 3rd and 4th of December. Location is to be decided.

I kinda hope its not Lake Macquarie as I am still yet to crack that lake for bream. We can get 1 or 2 here and there but thats about it. I'm sure there are a lot of huge bream in there but we just have to find them

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