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My First Mulloway


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Hey Raiders,

Been out fishing more frequently since uni holidays rolled around and have been happy to take a few PB's...

Before Thursday night my proudest fishing moment was this solid bream from a kayak on Apple Tree Bay - I hadn't planned on going fishing but when the yakking opportunity came up I couldn't turn it down even if it meant fishing with an old rear drag Shimano and mono. Put up a good fight and I was pretty stoked to get him onboard considering all the oysters and snags around. My girlfriend's Mum turned him into part of a delicious meal.

Last night I decided to head to the beach to clear out my freezer full of old servo pilchards - I wasn't expecting much given the pilies were all burnt from the freezer but the beach is just across the road and you can only watch masterchef for so long. Sent out the first soggy pilchard on ganged hooks for nothing, tide was low and Thirroul beach was about as flat as she ever gets so I was thinking this was probably going to set the scene for the night. Second pilie is hooked up and sent into the drink, wasn't too long before the Penn tip is starting to dance. I'm still only new to fishing but I thought rather than yank on the rod and risk pulling the bait out of the fish's mouth I might try a couple of quick reels. Sure enough the hooks set and I'm away. Had a few headshakes which made me think I'd hooked up a decent sized flathead; got the fish onto the beach and from where I stood I thought it was a nice Tailor.

But on closer inspection it was my first ever Mulloway - measured just over 50cm so I was happy enough to grab a picture and send him on his way. Caught just south of Thirroul Pool where the water pumps back into the ocean on a Spinfisher 850ssm and Penn Spinfisher Big Game Surf. Sorry about the essay but I was pretty stoked; hopefully the next time we meet he is nudging the metre mark :biggrin2: Also sorry about the crappy picture quality; I only take a cheapy digi cam down on the beach but you get the idea.

Couldn't convert the rest of the pilies into anything but hard to be disappointed with my first jew.





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G'day Stippy,

The fact you wrote an essay is testament to the fact you got a real buzz from the fish. This is what keeps millions of people around the world coming back for more of the same every time. It turns us into eternal optimists, because we just KNOW that a big fish is just about to hit our bait. It drags us across the proverbial road (or across the country) to wet a line, and while we wait for that hit, we are lost in thought as to where that fish is...how hard he'll run with the bait, the dramatic hookup, where he'll drag you along the beach during the fight...and we hardly notice the sun has set and that the temp has dropped below 10 degrees - that's gotta be worth something


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One up on me champ, I am still searching for my first elusive jewie. That said, I have claimed anything hooked but not sighted, before spitting the hook was most likely a gigantic jew fish.

Well done.

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A Mulloway is a Mulloway is a Mulloway, as Gertrude Stein said :)

The way fishing works, that's a very sharp spike in your learning curve. They'll just have to get easier - and bigger - from here-on in. Good luck!

As for the bream, anything that size from a kayak is a buzz. That size, they can tow you half across the harbour, given the chance.

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