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Harbour Fishn Dgf+Ivz350


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Ivz got to my place around 5 am n I had pre-hitched the boat the nite before so we were off straight way got to tunks park at around 6:20 started to get the boat ready for luanching but wait we can't find the bloody bung!!!! Nooooo Chucked everything out of the boat no luck n it wasn't a standard size bung that ican get anywhere so strapped back up as was stealing up I see the bung sitting where it always is untouchEd and creaked out because I checked 10 times oh well unstrapped again launched the boat head out to sow n pigs lost my anchor bugger! Move to the spit tied to the mooring first cast on my new nitro power bream I nailed a 50cm flatty on peppered prawn minnow 2nd cast 28cm snapper looked in great condition went quiet for a bit then I score another reddie then we decide to head out to collude reef for a bottom bash all I can say is blooody jackets heAded back in as I got sik reriggin up back to the spit ivz nailed a 49cm flatty and in minutes brigs up a 69cm flatty weighing in just under 2kg scored numerous snapper all under and got a nice pan size flounder ended witha some fish for teA pics b up later as I'm writing this from my iPhone in the dunny at work haha

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was just one of those mornings when ya feel like everythings going to go wrong lol......but it was a good to get out there :thumbup: and DGF forgot to add that he almost hit some penguins whilst we were going out and almost sent me out of my seat lol

Ivz :beersmile:

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Dont worry we had a few problems ourself when we went to the Harbour last week. We went to Little Manly only to find out it was a 4wd only ramp. Had to strap everything back up again and went to get the address for Tunks Park. No Map or GPS. Left it at home. Had to drive all the way to Rose Bay. :1badmood:

Atleast you got a nice feed. Well done. :1fishing1:

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