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Cliffton Gardens


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hi all,

havent really posted much on here, but enjoy reading the threads about other people success stories...

a mate and I headed out to Narrabeen yesterday to see if we could get onto the rocks for a fish, as it turned out the swell was pumping and fishing off the rocks would have ended up in another story on the news...(not what we were after). so after a while of scratching our heads and wondering wher to fish we decided cliffton gardens would be worth a crack.

we drove out there to find a few people fishing off the wharf so we got our rods out of the car and made the walk down the wharf, i was amazed at how clear the water was, it looked like we could be in for a shot here...

set up and we were fishing... had 1 rod out with a unweighted half pillie on the end and dthe other rod we were just flicking plastics in towards the rocks, through out the day we were berlying up with bits of pillie and squid....

we were out ther for about 3 or 4 hours and couldnt even muster up a bite....

uh well, i guess it was better then being at home mowing the lawn or somthing....

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Mate all the places are starting to be outfished , these days you need a boat to hit up the spots mate.

Cliffton is outfished and this is not good for the local environment no more enjoyment.

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hey Reyzor,

I have often found the fishing in the lower harbour this time of year to be hard, Fish are a nomadic species eh, just because they are not there one month, it dosent mean they wont be there the next...But if theres baitfish close by, the bigger fish shouldnt be too far away :)

Being at the right place at the right time will always produce results when fishing, land based or by boat..

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Just to clarify - can you fish Clifton Garden jetty all day or is it a marine zone at certain times now? Thinking about heading over with some livies on the weekend see if we can tempt some kings.



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